Your Benefits

  • Integration of renewable energies
  • Reduction of fuel costs
  • Improvement of the carbon footprint
  • Participation in the balancing energy market

Integration of renewable energies

Power-to-Heat (P2H) is a further application, especially suited to VAPEC high voltage electrode boilers due to their control characteristics. Coupling the electricity grid to district heating grids (Power-to-Heat) maximises the use of renewable energy sources without endangering the security of the electricity grid. Our boilers convert short-term surplus electricity generation from solar and wind power into heat, which can be fed into the district heating grid or industrial processes. The carbon emissions and fuel costs of the plant are reduced through the simultaneous reduction in fossil energy-powered boilers.

Balancing Energy

The start-up and control characteristics of VAPEC high voltage electrode boilers enables participation in the balancing energy market. This energy is retained and deployed to stabilise mains frequency and to compensate for outages and forecasting errors by producers and consumers. Today VAPEC high voltage electrode boilers are supplying 70 MW of balancing power to the German balancing energy market.