Your Benefits

  • Greater availability through expert maintenance
  • Secure planning of production and maintenance
  • Shorter downtimes


Professional servicing increases the service life of the boiler plant and increases reliability. The choice of a suitable spare parts supplier can also minimise downtimes and reduce losses in production. We will assist you in the implementation of your maintenance strategy.

  • Inspections
  • Procurement of spare parts
  • Planning and implementation of maintenance work
  • Pressure vessel examinations
  • Boiler cleaning
  • Periodic chemical analysis


Calls us for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work. We will determine the required work sequence, procure the spare parts, supply qualified boiler welders and ensure compliance with official regulations. With our extensive experience we are able to minimise the boiler downtime and reduce possible failures in operation.

To avoid further damage, we will assist you in the investigation of the causes.

Spare parts for SULZER® boilers

We stock original replacement parts and maintain a wide network of relationships in the procurement market. We attach utmost importance to the choice of materials and suppliers. The materials planning for the most important replacement parts for SULZER® boilers goes back to the models of the 1950s.