Your Benefits

  • High level of availability through expert maintenance
  • Continuously improved spare parts
  • Secure planning of production and operations

High voltage electric boilers are low maintenance and only require a few spare parts. Due to their high level of reliability, some of our boilers are still in operation after more than 50 years. To ensure a high level of availability and reliability we recommend regular boiler inspections and appropriate maintenance.

Customers in the field of conventional energy generation, nuclear power and food processing industries have relied on our maintenance service for many years.

Spare parts

Our efficient supply chain guarantees high quality original spare parts for all electric boilers of the SULZER® series. VAPEC continues to invest in the further development of components and the supply chain. Customers with older boiler models benefit as a matter of course from improved replacement parts.

Inspections and overhauls

We are very happy to carry out inspections and overhauls. Our experienced field engineers will assist you with technical surveys, maintenance work and the recommissioning of the boiler. Quality and safety are our highest priorities.