Technical Data

Your Benefits

  • Supply voltage up to 36 kV
  • Control range 0-100%
  • Output up to 90 MW
  • Hot water or steam

Proven Technology

Our product range includes hot water and steam boilers with an output of 1 – 90 MW. VAPEC high voltage electrode boiler technology is characterised by a maximum permissible supply voltage of 36 kV, which means that VAPEC boilers can be connected to all medium high voltage networks without the need for transformers. The boilers can be supplied with either an insulated or neutral star Point.

Power output1-90 MW
Voltage6-36 kV
Control range0/10-100 %
Efficiency>99 %
Operating Pressureup to 25 bar    


VAPEC high voltage electrode boilers are based on SULZER®-technology, which was further developed and managed by ABB® and ALSTOM®. We took over these responsibilities in 2003 and have since invested in the further development of the product.