About us

VAPEC is a company specialising in the design, construction and maintenance of industrial boiler plants. We have many decades of experience and possess unique expertise in the field of industrial heat generation.

2003: VAPEC was founded and took over the Swiss Industrial Boiler Servicing division from ALSTOM (Switzerland) AG. The company took over all business relationships, patent rights, intellectual property, trademark rights and other rights of use, plus all documents relating to the division (references, plans, drawings, installation documentation and microfilms etc.) and staff working conditions. This ensured that VAPEC AG has access to all the documentation plus the knowledge and rights to enable it to carry on the boiler business.

2000: ABB Enertech business activities integrated in ALSTOM (Switzerland) AG.

1996: ABB boiler plants integrated in the newly-established ABB Enertech AG

1993: ABB (ABB Kesselanlagen AG) takes over all the boiler activities operated by Sulzer

Up until 1992: SULZER boilers division in Winterthur: New boiler installation and servicing of various boiler installations ranging from small to very large boiler capacities. From planning through to implementation and maintenance.