Heat Plants

Nestlé Konolfingen reduction of carbon emission
Client: Nestlé
Date: 2008
Business: Food
Country : Switzerland

In the Nestlé factory in Konolfingen the separate processes involved in milk processing are not only geared to comply with the strict manufacturing requirements for products with a high nutritional value. The company also aims to minimise the waste of energy and reduce carbon emissions.

VAPEC AG was commissioned to design, supply and install the new factory chimney including the exhaust gas system, which captures the heat from the boiler before it escapes into the atmosphere. Instead, this energy is used to heat the individual buildings in Konolfingen.

The scope of the project included:– the construction of the 35 m-high chimney, the demolition of the old exhaust gas ducts, the adaptation of the flue gas pipe, the installation of an 800 W downstream heat exchanger, a by-pass duct with dampers, the insulation works, commissioning and adjustment of the burners.

This is only one of many examples demonstrating our commitment to the sustainable conservation of our environment.