High Voltage Electric Boiler

Bonduelle - 25 MW / 20 kV
Client: Bonduelle
Date: 2006
Business: Food
Country : France

Bonduelle is a specialist vegetable processing company. Due to seasonal factors, the peak demand for steam is in early summer. The capacity of the existing boiler was no longer sufficient to cover energy demands. The reconditioning of a high voltage electric boiler which had been shut down for several years was considered as an alternative to the installation of an additional fossil-fuelled boiler.

After a survey, VAPEC presented a concept for the reconditioning and recommissioning of the boiler. Then the cost effectiveness of the various options were examined and the customer decided in favour of VAPEC.

VAPEC was responsible for the engineering, project management, materials supply and site management for the entire reconditioning of the boiler and the hydraulic system. After successful commissioning the plant was handed over to the customer's complete satisfaction.

The high voltage electric boiler was deployed as as peak load complement to the fossil-fired boilers and now supplies reliable, economic and carbon-neutral process steam for the processing of vegetables in a canning factory.